Porto Best European Destination 2017


Porto has just been voted, for the third time (2012, 2014, 2017), the best Destination in Europe by travellers from all over the world.

Never has the choice of the winning city been so unanimous among travellers from all other the world. It is with the votes of worldwide travellers from 174 countries that Porto wins this European title again for the third time (2012, 2014, 2017). Travellers from the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, South-Africa, South Korea, Ireland and Canada, among others,… voted Porto in the first place in this competition.

Porto – European Best Destination 2017 Official Video from European Best Destinations on Vimeo.

Porto is exceptional in more ways than one and the “Cidade Invicta” (unvanquished city) is history, is architecture, culture, gastronomy, trade, encounters and discoveries, will seduce you.

Porto has all the charm of towns which happily cohabit with their river. You can stroll along the River Douro (river of gold) in Cais da Ribeira, fly over it by helicopter or discover Porto’s architecture, its amazing landscapes and magnificent bridges by taking a cruise on this majestic river. Porto is also a sea city and in the briefest of time a tram will bring you to Foz do Douro’s gentle beaches face to face with the Atlantic.

Enter the sumptuously cool Palacio da Bolsa, and walk through history with Portuguese adventurers, follow the country’s trade routes and be stunned by the treasures which they brought back. Remarkable buildings such as the Sé Catédral and its terraces offer superb viewpoints over a bustle of markets, grocery stores, bars, restaurants…

Why Porto Is The City To Visit This Year


Set aside the Duoro River, Porto—Portugal’s second city—is one of the most eclectic destinations in Europe. With its Medieval architecture, it’s defining Dom Luis I Bridge (designed by Gustave Eiffel) and Art Nouveau cafes, there’s something for everyone.

History buffs will fall for it charm – check out the Lello Bookshop with its amazing Neo-Gothic interiors, or head to the São Bento railway station to see the 20,000 tiles that decorate its walls. Foodies will be in their element – from the Mercado do Bolhão food market to the many port wine lodges (on the Gaia side of the river) – this city just keeps giving to those with a serious appetite for culinary finds. More…


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Porto Tónico

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